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Water treatment systems are an essential component of the thermal power complex, because the quality of the water supplied to the power boilers, depends reliability and efficiency. Guarantee reliable, smooth and trouble-free operation as small boilers and large units, the use of water treatment plants, as well as a set of reagents for water correction.

The company "Water Technology Engineering" has extensive experience in the field of water treatment, and one of the main activities is the solution of problems for process water preparation on thermal power complex of Russia and the countries of near and far abroad. Most of the above companies made the introduction of new advanced reagents for water chemistry and water treatment, allowing cost-effectively solve the problems associated with the use of industrial water. The range includes scaling and corrosion inhibitors, reagents based on film-forming and neutralizing amine reagents to remove dissolved oxygen, agents for cleaning and conservation of the boiler equipment.

Depending on the raw water quality and requirements for boiler feed water in the water treatment company develops and designs, installs and puts into operation the station and installation of combined heat and power, for industrial and utility boilers. Project development and selection of equipment is carried out individually for each customer.

Water treatment stations are equipped with all the necessary additional control and automation systems, as well as chemical reagents and consumables necessary for the efficient operation of water treatment systems.

Development and selection of equipment is carried out individually on the basis of the completed questionnaire.