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The reagents VTIAMIN for the water treatment of the circulating cooling systems

The reagents for the guarantee of the reliable and fail-free operation of the circulating cooling systems and include the following types:

  • the reagents to prevent the formation of all types of the mineral scale on the surfaces of the equipment;
  • the reagents to prevent the foam formation;
  • the reagents to prevent the freezing;
  • the reagents for the biocide treatment of the systems which prevent the formation of the organic scale;
  • the reagents to protect the corrosion the equipment, pipe-lines, facilities made of different materials.

We offer the following types of the reagents:

Type 1 – the reagents for the open cooling systems;

  • Type 1.1 – the corrosion inhibitors based on the organic products
  • Type 1.2 – the corrosion inhibitors on the organic basis with the sodium bromide;
  • Type 1.3 – the non-organic reagents preventing the corrosion;
  • Type 1.4 – the products to treat the metal surfaces.

Type 2 – the reagents for the closed cooling systems;

  • Type 2.1 – the corrosion and scale inhibitors;
  • Type 2.2 – the foam formation regulators;
  • Type 2.3 – the reagents to protect freezing.