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Reagent treatment

Reagent treatment of water is the most complex technology that requires the highest competence technology developer. Introduction to water reagents requires a clear understanding of all the chemical and physico-chemical processes occurring at the same time.

Reagent treatment pursues a variety of goals. The most common tasks to be solved as follows:

  • removal of temporary hardness;
  • removal of temporary and permanent hardness;
  • reduction of color and oxidation (coagulation, oxidation, including chlorination);
  • removal of heavy metals due to the transfer of their insoluble form (iron removal, demanganation);
  • adjusting the composition (pH, alkalinity);
  • clarification (coagulation, flocculation);
  • stabilization processing.

Chemical Treatment can be done in different ways:

  • dosing directly into a conduit through which water to be treated is transported;
  • metered into a stirred reactor.

For more complex tasks employ cascades of reactors, each with a specific chemical reaction is performed. Often chemical treatment is applied in combination with other technologies and usually precedes clarification, mechanical filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and so forth.