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Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration is used to remove suspended substances at concentrations up to 100 mg / l, reduced color and turbidity. Ltd. "Water Technology Engineering" uses this technology as a stand-in when it is enough, and in integrated solutions.

As a rule, mechanical filtration is used for water purification after the chemical treatment, aeration or clarification on the landfill (clarifiers). Mechanical filtration is often used as a pre-treatment technology to ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange.

Mechanical filtration performed by LLC "Water Technology Engineering" is carried out in pressure rapid filters. At low production rates of water treatment plants (up to 50 m3 / h) and for simple tasks (post-treatment of the well water, iron removal), we used filters with plastic enclosures, equipped with automatic control valves. In solving non-standard tasks, such as when you need to apply the backwash air, we equip the filter system of automatic valves, controlled by industrial controllers. For industrial water treatment plants with high efficiency (more than 50 m3 / h) we use filters with metal housing, equipped with an automatic valve system controlled by industrial controllers.