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Providing a full range of customer services from a single source frees him from the need to find and contact with different companies. An integrated approach to solving the problems allows the customer to get a really high-quality solution. One provider excludes the economic risk, saves time and nerves.

LLC "Water Engineering Technology" offers a full package of services to equip "turnkey" plants at various levels:

  1. Water analysis:
    Necessarily water necessary to conduct the analysis, in accordance with the water quality data, is calculated for the water purification system. Water analysis is performed to determine the content of certain chemical components. Full chemical analysis of the water will allow you to have an idea about the quality of water that you use.

    Chemical analysis of drinking and process water produced by qualified engineers with appropriate education and owning a variety of laboratory testing methods.

  2. Departure of the expert:
    The company's specialists will travel to the site and perform all the necessary measurements, in accordance with the data of your wishes and offer the best option the water treatment system and its installation, which will respond to all technical requirements.
  3. Calculation of the equipment:

    Technicians on the basis of existing experience and using modern methods of calculation and equipment selection, calculation hold equipment for water on the basis of the analysis of water and an object of research. On the basis of the calculation will offer you a solution to the existing problems related to water treatment and pick up the necessary equipment.

    Experts of the company will produce a full range of installation and commissioning works.

    Installation is performed by the following factors:

  • The wishes of the customer
  • Functionality system
  • The quality and compactness all components and connections
  • Serviceability

Installation work include:

  • Development of the mounting scheme
  • The assembly of the equipment to the installation site
  • Connect the equipment to the mains water supply and sewerage
  • Commissioning works

Erection work include:

  • Check proper assembly and installation specialists of the Customer Equipment
  • Customer Briefing professionals working water treatment equipment
  • Commissioning works
  1. Mode test boilers with issuing cards regime
  2. Production of chemical peelings
  3. Measures to protect against corrosion of the heat power equipment
  4. Warranty service:
    After the installation of water purification systems company provides warranty and post-warranty service for installation works.
  5. Service maintenance:
    After the warranty service of water treatment equipment, customers are invited to sign a service contract and determine the list of works and the number of visits during the service.
  6. Maintenance supplies – the presence of well-established relationships with suppliers. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the customer can leave a request to obtain the necessary items that will be promptly reviewed by our staff. Even if the stock did not have the necessary parts, you do not give up in its delivery.
  7. Upgrades hardware
    The company is also engaged in the modernization of the old water treatment equipment. If your system is out of order, do not clean the water or just do not like service, our experts are ready to take on this issue, with the old equipment can be replaced by a new: more modernized.