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Dispersants VTIAMIN

The dispersants prevent the scale formation and stabilize the solid matters in the finely dispersed phase.

They are intended for the water treatment to prevent the scale formation in the boilers, reverse osmosis plants, cooling water circulating systems and heat- and water-supplying systems of the enterprises of the different branches of industry. Some of the reagents have the permission to be used in the boilers the steam comes into the contact with the food products.

Depending on the composition of the active components, we produce the following types and marks of the dispersants:

Type 1 – the dispersants based on the phosphates (to disperse the residual hardness in the boiler water)
Type 2 – the dispersants without the phosphates in their composition (to prevent the scale formation and formation of the other deposits in the reverse osmosis plants, cooling systems, low and medium pressure boilers).