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Water conditioning of waste water

The company "Water Engineering Technology" offers a complete solution of wastewater treatment for different sectors of the national economy problems using modern technology, with which you will be able to clear drains to approved standards or discharge into the pond to feed circulating systems of the enterprise, including:

  1. food Industry
  2. light industry
  3. wastewater car washes
  4. textile industry
  5. pulp and paper industry
  6. chemical industry
  7. pharmaceutical
  8. engineering
  9. printing industry
  10. agriculture
  11. energy

Using the entire range of the world's production processes, including:

  • sedimentation and filtration
  • flotation treatment
  • coagulation and flocculation
  • biological cleaning
  • sorption
  • oxidation
  • extraction
  • chlorination
  • ozonation
  • ion exchange
  • a full range of reagents for water treatment

The company "Water Technology Engineering" The technological purification scheme for your company depending on the required quality of wastewater discharge standards, and according to your wishes and possibilities.

Development and selection of equipment is carried out individually on the basis of the completed questionnaire.

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