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Ion exchange technologies

Ion exchange technology from simple softening, absorption of organics, the selective removal of ions to a deep desalination to produce feed water for boilers from small to ultra-high pressure, as well as for the electronic and pharmaceutical industries.

The essence of the ion exchange is the ability of special materials (ion exchangers) in the desired direction to change the ionic composition of the treated water. Ion exchangers are insoluble macromolecular substances, which are due to the presence of functional groups capable of ion exchange reactions.

In other words, the resins are capable of absorbing a solution of the positive or negative ions in exchange for an equivalent amount of other ions contained in the ion exchanger having the same sign charge. According to the sign of the charge exchanging ions ion exchangers are divided into cation and anion exchangers. The ability of ion exchange resins to ion exchange with a solution is determined by their structure.

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This method is used for:

  • water softening (removal of hardness ions) - sodium cation exchange water, softened (soft) water does not cause calcium deposits on the surface of the pipes or heating surfaces;
  • dealkalization water (remove temporary hardness, alkalinity and salinity partially) - H-cation exchange water, pretreatment of natural water with high alkalinity;

  • water desalination (removal of dissolved salts) - H-ion , OH- ion, application of the "chains" of filters with varying load for the demineralization of natural waters;

  • Deep water desalination (removal of trace ions) - the use of MAF (mixing the active filter).